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If you are the victim of a personal injury accident, it can be difficult to know the first steps to take to pursue fair compensation of your pain and suffering. Based in Savannah, Georgia, The Brown Firm has an experience group of personal injury lawyers who can provide you with the answers you seek. Here are some common questions that our firm often receives.

When Do I Contact an Attorney after My Accident?
As soon as you can safely do so. Your first step after an accident should be to seek medical attention, even if you have no obvious injuries. A medical professional may be able to isolate and treat internal injuries that you were not aware of. Once you have been treated, it is wise to consult with an Athens personal injury attorney, as they will be able to work with the responsible party's insurance company in an effort to obtain the best settlement possible in your case.

What Type of Compensation Will I Be Able to Get?
You may be able to recover injury compensation that covers your:

• Medical Expenses (Including Treatment, Hospitalization, and Surgery)
• Potential Future Medical Expenses
• Pain and Suffering
• Lost Wages or Profits (As a Result of Being Unable to Work)
• Potential Future Wages/Profits

What Amount of Compensation Will I Get in My Case?
The circumstances surrounding every personal injury case are different, so the amount you will be able to get depends solely on the specific factors of your case. The value of your injury claim will depend on factors such as:
• The clarity of fault on the part of the negligent party
• The extent of the negligence displayed by the responsible party
• Your own claims history
• Your injuries and their severity
• Your age and the medical treatment you received for your injuries

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How Long Can I Expect My Case to Take?
That is dependent on the circumstances of your case. An insurance company is willing to pay out a fair settlement right away. In other cases, it has taken weeks, months, or years to obtain the settlement the victim deserves. If you must take legal action in your case, the length of time it takes to obtain your compensation can vary, depending on the strength of your case and the strength of the opposition's case.

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